Saturday, March 5, 2011

How bad can I be?

It took me an hour to type this very-very short entry. 

I came to this ancient-institute to learn English, instead, it's my Kecek Kelate and Ke'eL Jewww (KL) that improved a lot. Haizzz... I can't put up words together as fast as i can utter them. Meaning, i shitted craps of my mouth. My brain jammed and might suddenly just stop and I'll die from this suffering. Yeah.

 One day i might say, " Oh Lord, thanks for saving me from this suffering. "

My vocab isn't getting better. My mouth utter craps. My brain cells died. My soul isn't here. It screamed for a response. Being a lone wolf in this "deserted world" won't take me far. It's only you and me, Soul.

Just hope that one that people would start to respond and talk to me in English. I'm 100% ashamed to call myself a TESL student and a future TEACHER.

They're the best non-native speaker that i would salute:

1) Syuhada
2) Aslam

*cerita pon tunggang terbalik. buat-buat paham sudah la. kecik hati aku plak klo hampa dok wat bengang tak paham.


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