Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome Home, Brothers :)

That's it. The end of my little 3-week-hora-hora-holidays. I might be the only person who did not enjoy this hols as the others, at all. Not that I dislike hold or my home, but most probably because my house is quite near to my campus. Its only 20min (max) travel from my house so..... I can go home anytime I want HaHaHa. Truthfully, I found myself alive here, at this ancient Campus of mine. I LOVE to be with my friends rather than spending my time watching CSI (except for the episode where Justin Bieber was shot to death, God, that's priceless I tell ya) or Monster Fish at home.... =.=?.  However, if I'm the campus, I could hang and play football with the boys (liar!). It's day 1, and I found out that, someof our boys came back earlier than I am. Methought that I'm the only person who would be the early bird here, but Ariff, Jazli and Jay did come back earlier. Dang! But they're here for their own reasons which I cannot tell. haha. Secret! Secret! Zzzzz...

Well, watever. Welcome home, brothers and sisters! :)
though some ppl hate coming back here, hahaha :P


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