Thursday, September 1, 2011

Upcoming TESL Raya

Wow, its already been a year and i notice nothing, NOTHING, changed since then. Literally, yes. It's another year full of excitement!! Yeaaay! my ass It's not like I detest this TESL Raya program, it's just that, is it really necessary?


 If we, the TESL Family wants to be branded as "better" or "higher class" than other streama, I think it's the best we conduct the TESL Raya program back at our own yard.Do you really think paying RM50-60 guarantees you wonder-fool foods, cuisines and good memorable memories  for the rest of your life? NO it doesn't.  Sorry to say so, cuz i have, well, not so good times with it. 

1st TESL Raya, 2009, I'm damn tired and sleepy throughout the celebration. Eat not too much, joined the ketupat anyam-ing contest and of course, i lost..and YES, i SLEPT during the photoshooting session. Still have that piece of art picca. Missed the celebration.

2nd TESL Raya, 2010, my ehem2 got sick, shivering like got sampuk dek hantu and i have to show
my commitment and love to her by keeping her company, outside the ballroom. And YES again, I missed the whole celebration. 

What a disaster ain't it.

This year around, it's my Cohort 3 that have to conduct the whole celebration. It's a real pain in the ass. Like the year before, i'm in charge of making videos of our cohort. I've got the most brilliant idea ever and good looking actor and actress but no gear to record  -______-  so i gave up in making videos this year. And again, I'm involved with Hazwan in the 'siaraya' or the PA systems. I'm thinking of making flash videos, but i can't. I didn't bring home my super PC. With this stupid laptop that I'm currently using, I can't do much except playing Angry Birds and watch cartoons. Very sad, LOL.

So, poll time, should i, or should i NOT go to the TESL Raya?



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