Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm in LAF ( thats wat Mr.Teoh tought us, not LOVE; as in love)

I'm sooo freaked out wif myself @ the moment. I can't be sure of my own stand or worse, where I'm standing lol. I'm back into gadgets' world but have no money no nothing but a pair of ripped-here-and-there-boxers. Seriously, God, help me!

1st, I can't get my self over this D7K craze. It's the best & latest DSLR with cutting edge techs. 39 autofocus mode, 16mp, EXPEED 2, 1080 HDD movie recording, 2 MMC slot, shuter speed up tp 8k? God, my imagination would ran awild with it, SERIOUSLY!!

Wait for me babe, u'll be in my arms soon enaf. We'll sleep together everynight, haha.

2nd, Gosh! This one, must buy ASAP! This silverish-wink2-stylish watch is just too COOL for a guy with room temperature like me. Not sayin' that i'll be extra HOT with it, not at all, but I MUST have this one, at least for my b-day perhaps? Anyone? hahahha!


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