Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#1 Lingo Craze

Some monkeys jump over me and sucked my brain's juice hell outta me, so pardon my broken English and typos.

Today i asked my self, something i never got bothered before, " Why am i not borned as a Muslim British? Why not at Britain, why Malaysia, why it HAS TO BE Malaysia?"  Don't bother guys, I'm still sane. It all start after i watched a British movie a few months ago. Ever since, i've been addicted to British accent and start to talking to myself in broken-ntahtaktawbetulketak-British akshenn (accent).

I'm not a douchebag. Really.

It's not like I'm not proud of myself for being Malaysian. I am. But does it still relevant to call ourselves Malaysian while we no longer speak Malay as our mother tongue, dedah aurat sana-sini, nama mau gemphak walhal muka kampong gila, sex fiesta like a norm. modda foccka friggin that is NOT our culture lah cik kak cik abang oii. Give a sec to reflect yourself, not my sayings.

Enough with my short lecture. No body ever like to be commented or so. 

I never like my linguistic class. My lecturers preached us with American accent and it's damn hard. Truly really damn hard. We had to remember this, remember that, puff air through our lips and tongue to create the perfect pronunciation in American accent of course, dang!

Sudah la.pening aku taip lama2. Jom tengok Buletin Utama jom. Pehtu sila la layan videoni. Gila best!


pehtu WAJIB layan yg ni! 

*hampa mesti gelak berdekah-dekah punya tgk video yg kt atas ni...seriussesesss beb!


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