Sunday, March 27, 2011


Something happened today. Something I won't tell and I'll leave the judgement to you guys by the end of this entry. With no literal meaning or hidden messages, readers should not felt offended anyhow. Today was the stupidest daftest hell-est damned day of my life. Life sucks, so sometimes you gotta suck it. I dunno why, but there are a few things bout myself that i cant explain on paper or entry. Hey, I'm no Kyle XY, but I AM a creep, a geek, and sometimes people said that I'm crazy. 20 years of title might means nothing. But when it comes to something fragile, that's me for sure. I'm a man yet I'm fragile. Fragile in terms of things that are 'subjective'. I'll let you know a few of it; I cant stand it when people shouted, ask me a lot of questions at once and when I lost somebody. I'm not being childish, because that is who I am in the first place. Anybody would feel hurted if they were called 'childish'. Inside everybody there is a child who wish to play, to enjoy, to feel anger and to cry. So, you're a total nuts if you mock somebody 'childish' yet you're the same. It's alright to do child's play. But, for some people with crazy large ego, there a thin line between himself and others. Man have ego, woman have ego, you have ego, I have ego. it's just a matter how large it is. I might successfully failed in controlling ego, and i don't want anybody who read this entry do the same. Heck I'm no good in it. I've been feeding that monster for 20 years now, and I'm not planning on keeping it anymore. I've let it lead me and it devastated everything inside of me, outside of me, causing a lot of problem for me, so yeah. I'm gonna kick it out of my shell. People said there's a "point of no return". Pick your words correctly, sometime it may hurt/disgust others. Whenever you make a choice, think it twice. But i don't, but i will. So there no need to worry about me, I'll be just fine over here. Take care of yourself.

PS: There is no need to mock me.I know what who I am. I'm not leaving cause you are. Please don't hate me, if you do, chill then. On top of it's all, I'm sorry for ruining your time and pride. You people stands better without me. Thanks buds.


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