Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Thoughtful Reply From Me

 This post is specially made for YOU! yes, YOU.

I'm no angel that shines bright, nor the deep dark devil. And I'm not a geek either, writing entries in my secret little dark room. You got no right to call someone else "pondan dalam botol" cuz God knows better. What goes around comes around. Pity yourself if you got a "pondan dalam botol" as your man. 

I know that you're not being super-extra-sensitive regarding my previous entry. really meh? Now2. Calm down child, i know you're not but the way you replied to me, i know it is not directly directed to me but FYI, i know what  you're talking, chitchating about. FYI #2, I'll go mad if you hurt my love ones anyway, anyhow even if their pride alone. That's me, a protector. Call me "over-protecting" if you wish, doesn't matter to me. What matter to me is that they are fine. It's not me that you should apologize, but to "him/her"

You called me loser,immature, but you yourself? Ah, for God sake, you're no better. Reflect 1st, then write, that's how we do Miss Loke's Reflection.

Let's get this over shall we? I'll take the lead. Shush!


Alep Lembhin, a Writer, a Blogger


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