Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The First of 20/6

Aihhh....1st day @ class. Jazli is so lucky because he's in charge of giving the tour guide to the newbies registering at our institute yesterday. He said that there's a lottt of lovely and of course, CUTE girls coming in like a water running from a tap. But the only slacking in the scene is that....those girls are not students!! They came here to accompany their sisters and brothers only liao! Sial betullah!

Then again...we got this really-really boring lecturer for Number Literacy. For God sake, s/he is terribly boring, for me je laa k, cuz her voice is reallyyyy small....I can't hear a thing even if I'm standing right next to her for about, what 2 inches?? I SLEPT in my first day, can't blame me though. 

psst: this is secret! I could get into really big mess if this spreads out.


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