Monday, June 27, 2011

Mimpi AliBaba Punya Crita

haters, please go away if you are going to regret or shit-me after reading this entry because "this is NOT best broo. thanks.

its been a while, a while for me to write such non-commercial and a total serious entry. I've sacrificed a lot of my time to check my spellings, NOT writing this entry. K, here we go.

It's already been 3 years after i left school days. I've been to Penang Matriculation and UiTM Arau beforehand. and now, here I am, at I4P, which stands for Iintitut Perguruan Purbakala Pulau Pinang. literally, I've wasted a year at Matrics since in the end, I'll have to become a teacher for the rest of my life. At first, i find it's hard for me to face the reality that I have to let go of my dream to become an alchemist or a doctor. I can't no longer pursue my most wanted job ever since i was a kid. It's hurt when some lecturers mocked me, but it's all asap for me. It's useless to regret things now. I keep on whispering to myself  that I need to face the reality and let go of the fantasy. Hey, looking from the other side, there are some good things happened to me what. First, i met a lot of new comrades and colleagues. They're all nice people. We've went through lots of hardship and happy times together throughout the years. I dont know bout the rest of the pack, but I'll never get bored to see their faces everyday :) And yeah, there are haters too. That's what world is made up of, so, I must accept the fact. Secondly, it seems that my English is better than ever. Well...duh! Of course I am. I'm a TESLian, and if my English is no better than other course's students, I'd better quit and sell nasik lemak in front of my house (I'm not referring to anybody, this is strictly for myself only). Third, I LOVEEEE kids. I cant hold my smiley face to see them happy, to see them play, to see their authentic feelings to know and to learn. At one time , I've learned a bit what is it feels like to be a "proud parent" bahahaha (penipu)  .  Fourth, meeting a lot of pious personnel and friends, gave me a change of heart. I used to be a bad-ass (i mean it, the typical bad boy), which i no longer require in this filed of work. My heart went remorse when IT has to wait for 20 years for me to change. Lots of sins I've made before indeed....And there's also a lot of tragedies that happened to me here, which I'll keep that part to myself.

It'll be another 3years here for me. 2 years spending my golden age-lah sangat, here, somewhat..
changed me.

But, I'll never let go of my dream to fly high in
the sky. And I'm not speaking craps. :)
I'll pursue both.

So, wait for me, SKY!

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  1. sometimes we have to retreat to jump better and further.
    sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves.

    make ur time worthwhile while you are there.

    p.s: excuse me for butting in, and never mind the haters, just be yourself, so that you can that piece sky that u can call ur own.


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