Thursday, June 23, 2011

Palit-palitan 23/6

Day 4, and I'm K.I.A already. This one particular lecturer, whoaa...really2 duga me taw.  Even better and greather threat than Mr.Goh. And I meant it. 2 hours babling. Bla..bla....and more BLA3x. She's too serious that at first I'm afraid to fall asleep. Then again, she's too much for my brain to swallow in. Whaiyo! 2..no, 3! 3-non-stop hours of one-way teaching learning process. Sudah la aku puasa, can't chew anything lah to stop my sickness neh. Gila baban betuii. The guys are eating whats-that called, Sira Manis ka apa tah. Ala, that keropok-keropok ikan thing lah, mana aku taw. Pergh, my saliva started to spill out looking at them. (but weird, they still fall asleep after that, hahhaha) Oh btw, something AWESOME happened today. God, I can't believe my eyes..... read below to know what it is, hahaha.

Hazwan did not fall asleep. WTF?!!


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